My Story...

Honestly, I can't stand talking about myself, but apparently that's the point of this particular page, right?. Well, here goes...I'm a passionate portrait and wedding photographer in St. Louis, Missouri. In short, taking unique photos of incredibly unique, eccentric, creative people is what I love to do! I've spent years going to school pursuing a career in business (and have the student loans to prove it!), but I've left behind my MBA and the world of corporate cubicle farms and homogeneous anonymity in favor of a camera and a life pursuing creative expression. 

I only take a limited number of weddings each year. I do this because it's my passion and it's only worthwhile to continue while I remain passionate about it. Because of that, I gravitate to the things that get me excited - Nature, beautifully unique locations, and creative people looking for something rustic, beautiful, and different. If that's you, let's connect, keep it real, and craft something that captures your story.

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